I didn’t mean to let 11 days pass without posting, but I think the massive amount of change taking place in our country, as well as around the world, has had me losing a bit of sleep worrying about it all. I’m all for change, but only if it makes sense and ultimately benefits humanity. Unfortunately, in my opinion, the changes I’m seeing don’t bode well for humanity, and everything I read in the New York Times and the Los Angeles Times only seems to affirm my suspicions. I realize it’s useless to try to change things you are powerless to change, but that only adds to my stress. The last few months have not been easy.

On the positive side, family and friends are all doing well, and watching my children grow is an endless source of inspiration. Their curiosity about all around them is unending, and their sense of wonderment is contagious. And, as this is a cycling-centric blog, I should note that the holidays were excellent because the time off from work afforded me plenty of time to ride. Riding has become my salvation, as it is the means by which I can clear my head of muck I don’t need, and instead concentrate on the things that matter. The longer the ride, the more clarity I am able to achieve. I realize there are other ways to get there that are just as valid, but for me, cycling can’t be beat. The photo of me above, taken by my riding partner Simon, is an example of another perfect ride in the city of angels. We set out early Sunday morning, hit a few challenging climbs, and ended with a relaxed loop around Griffith Park. What a great way to forget your worries, catch up with a good friend, meet new people on the way, and see the city without being stuck in the confines of a car. 2017 is starting off with a big question mark, but I think our positive energy can overcome most any obstacles, and one of the best ways to build up that positive energy is getting out there and riding a bike.