Masi from Breaking Away

Do you remember that scene in Breaking Away, with Dave (played by Dennis Christopher) racing alongside a semi?  And do you remember the joy on his face? That’s the joy I feel when I’m on a bike.  And probably the joy you feel when you’re on a bike.

That joy for me carries through to the beautiful hardware that goes along with cycling — the bicycles, of course, but also all the parts, down to the smallest perfectly tooled quick release skewer, and all the accessories that make riding even more of a pleasure.

In Los Angeles, California, where I live, the cycling is year round, so I get to test a lot of what’s out on the market, and I started this blog to share my firsthand impressions.  I hope you’ll find them useful and even occasionally entertaining.

Please send your comments or questions to alex@velospeak.com – I’m always happy to hear from Velospeak readers.

Cycle on!

Alex Yust


  1. anne chantal risold

    love it

  2. Joe

    Wow. This is truly cool. Thanks.

  3. robert

    Thanks great blog

  4. Douglas Woods

    Cool indeed.

  5. Franc Arnold

    Hi Alex,
    are you still in Frankfurt? Would love to see you in Koblenz in our office. We do all Ergon developments here. While beeing in Koblenz you could also visit Canyon bikes, there are just a couple minutes away from us.

    Hope to have a chance to meet you!


    Franc Arnold
    CEO Ergon

    • admin

      Hi Franc,

      I am back in Los Angeles and am so sorry I missed meeting you. I will be back in Frankfurt in late April, and would love to see the Ergon facility, as well as the Canyon facility.
      Please e-mail me at alex@velospeak.com with your contact info.

      Thank you,


  6. Sean

    hey Alex,

    nice meeting u at the Observatory today…nice day for a ride.

    cool website, I’ll definitely hit u up for bike routes and other cycling opinions.

    🙂 S

  7. Eric Popiel

    Hi Alex,

    It was really nice to meet you the other night. Thanks again for coming out to our event.

    As I mentioned, I have a blog too. I’m always curious as to how “real” bloggers respond to it. Should you ever get a few moments, check it out and let me know. The entries are split between me and Banning. Here’s a link to one of mine: http://www.ewbikes.com/a-brief-comparison-of-my-view-of-the-shopping-experience-of-1997-vs-today-and-the-white-elephant-discussion-on-discounting/

    Look forward to seeing you soon!


  8. Len Soccolich

    Hi Alex,

    Pleasure meeting you (and Ellen and Dara) the other day, and thanks for the tour of the May Co. building.

    Great site! Wish the cycling weather was as good in northern NJ as it is in LA; at least we have hills!



  9. Michael Seo

    Hi Alex, I’ve been looking for a Masi like the one in your headline pic. However, I’m not sure what model Masi that is. I’ve seen pics of Gran Criteriums and others, but I have not seen one where there’s a simple “Masi” on the downtube, which I love and prefer to the others I’ve seen.

    Is that a GC in your pic?

    • admin

      I believe something like the one pictured above will be available soon. I am spending some time with the folks from Masi this coming weekend at the Eroica, and will try and get an answer for you.

  10. Nick Venables

    Hey Alex, nice meeting you up at the Observatory today. B-e-a-utiful day for a ride!!! Interesting conversation and I’m really leaning toward a Canyon now as my first high-end bike.

    I just stopped by to check out your blog and I’m going to subscribe so I’ll see new content when you put it out.


  11. Jon Marceleno

    Cool site, I appreciate the thoughts and the writing. What made me stop and check it out was Dave’s bike! Breaking away was pretty much my favorite moving growing up. Got me started in cycling, when folks made fun of a dude wearing tights to ride a bike! Back when riding the streets of Texas was a real gamble.. wait nothings changed. We started a humble bicycle saddle company love you to check us out sometime as we help folks.

  12. Seb

    Great to meet you up at the Observatory this morning, Alex! Hope to see you around more often (perhaps at the Petersen with my son)…

    • admin

      Great to meet you as well. Hope you had a great ride, and looking forward to seeing you on the road or at the museum.


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