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I realize the posts have been few and far between in the last few weeks, so I believe an explanation is in order. Luckily I was given two weeks off over the holidays, and I have been taking full advantage, hanging out with friends and family, skiing and riding my bike. It has been a pleasure doing it all, and the writing and posting has definitely taken a back seat. Regular posting will resume, but I still have five more days of vacation, so hang tight. In the meantime, following are links to some favorite products I’ve been playing around with the last month or so. The Calfee pictured above is at the top of the list.

Calfee Dragonfly Adventure
Shimano Sport Camera
Chris King Alloy Ride Disc Wheels
Assos Tiburu Bib Shorts
Lake Cycling CX402 Shoes
Lezyne Road Caddy
Simpson Velorig VR1
House Industries Bidon

More to follow on all these, but in the meantime I am going riding. Thank you all for keeping an eye on Velospeak, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!