Los Angeles has been insanely hot for the last month, so weekend getaways to the beach have been the best way to escape the heat. As a bonus, the water off the coast of LA is warmer than usual, so jumping in the ocean has not been the usual bone chilling experience. For all these trips to the beach, I’ve been using the Aether Apparel Button Swim 9 3/4″ shorts. The shorts are made from a Schoeller® microfiber fabric that dries very quickly. They are designed for the water, but are equally at home on land. They have the necessary pockets and belt loops for everyday use, along with features such as mesh inserts for drainage. They are incredibly comfortable, and the look is simple and elegant. I would have no problem wearing these anywhere shorts are appropriate. Aether Apparel produce an amazing selection of functional and stylish clothing suitable for all occasions, and the Button Swim shorts are no exception. On a side note, Aether has updated their website, and it looks even more beautiful than their previous site. There are also some new items on the site that are worth a look. One item in particular that caught my eye is the Field Jacket. Aether has gained a spot on my top ten list of companies to watch, and I will always look forward to seeing future releases.