The Skyline Jacket is a new release from Aether Apparel designed specifically for motorcycling. It is made from a specially engineered Japanese Field Nylon Fabric that is abrasion resistant and fully waterproof. Hidden within the jacket are D3O® pads for CE-certified protection. Also incorporated in the jacket is a JRC Reflex® reflective strip and piping to match. This material reflects bright white when lit by headlights, further helping to protect the wearer. I had the chance to stop in at the Aether Outpost to give the jacket a try, and was impressed with the fit. It is very comfortable and subtle. There is freedom of movement, and the D3O® pads are not at all noticeable. As is the tradition with most Aether Apparel, the jacket does not have the appearance of being a technical jacket, meaning it can be worn most anywhere, yet still provide ultimate protection on the motorcycle. My old Triumph Daytona is hoping I’ll get this jacket, as then, maybe, it will see the light of day once more.