I’ve written about Aether Apparel in the past, but now I have first hand experience with one of their products. I am lucky enough to live and work within a couple of miles of the Outpost, where I was able to look at the whole line. I found it very difficult to choose which jacket to try, and in the end the decision came down to two items, both completely different from each other. One was the Fall Line Jacket NH, and the other the Military Jacket. I chose the Fall Line based on the simplicity of its design. It is incredibly straightforward and functional, something to be worn in all conditions. The jacket is made from a 4 way stretch Japanese shell fabric that is completely waterproof. Seam sealed construction with black taping, waterproof zippers and a bottom hem adjustment drawcord are all part of the package. It is incredibly well made, and very definitely waterproof. We had an unusual rainstorm in late April, and I was stuck out on the bike during a short monsoonal drop, and my core stayed completely dry. I can’t say the same for the rest of me, but I maintain that if your core stays warm and dry, you’ll be fine. The jacket performed great, and once home, the mud on the back due to the lack of a fender, was wiped off easily with a sponge. Later, I wore it out to an art opening, and felt rather dressed up wearing the Fall Line. In my never ending quest to find clothing that works well in all situations, Aether Apparel has come up with a perfect solution in the Fall Line Jacket.