Followers of Velospeak may recall my review of the Aether Apparel Military Jacket a few short weeks ago. I felt I needed to add to the previous post, and tell the story of my day in Zurich, touring the city by bike. It started as a nice day, maybe a bit cool, but nice. The cooler weather dictated wearing the Military Jacket. We rode across all of Zurich before stopping for a quick lunch. On exiting the restaurant, the sky opened up, and it began to pour rain. The bikes had to be returned to the rental kiosk across town, so I buttoned the jacket up, and rode several miles in a strong rain. The Military Jacket lived up to its claims, and kept me perfectly dry. I had already experienced its extreme comfort, but now I’ve had a run in with rain, and it performed perfectly. Aether Apparel have created an incredibly solid performer that is perfect for life in the city.