I wrote about the release of the Allen Edmonds Voyager shoes a few weeks back, and in that time I’ve had the opportunity to put these shoes through their paces. The rugged soles beg for them to be used at work on a daily basis, and that is just what I’ve done. Because of the quirky nature of my job, I am at my desk very little; more often than not, I’m actively moving around. The Voyager shoes are perfect for this. They have incredible support, making them ideal all day shoes. “Walkability” is their strong point, and I must say they have really been one of the most comfortable pairs of walking shoes I have ever owned. A one and a half mile hike to lunch is a walk in the park for these shoes. They make me feel as if I could go on forever without any worries of sore feet. The other strong point is their build quality. Allen Edmonds makes some of the finest footwear available, and the Voyager shoes are no exception. They are made in the US, are incredibly well built, and I expect they will last for many years to come. If you are looking for a stylish do-everything pair of shoes, look no further than the Allen Edmonds Voyager.