Spring in Los Angeles translates to cool overcast mornings, with the sun making an appearance around 10 or 11. This makes dressing for a morning ride a bit of a problem. Wearing a jacket over a jersey usually means you are going to have to shed it at some point, and then carry it for the rest of the ride. I like to keep things as simple as possible, so the discovery of the Assos iJ.intermediate_s7 jersey was a bit of a revelation. This jersey is made for cool morning rides, and after spending a month with it, I believe the designers at Assos succeeded. The jersey is made from 6 different textiles and 17 patterns. My favorite textile is the one used for the front panel, the new stratagonUltra airBlock fabric. I find it remarkable that a fabric that blocks the wind so effectively can also be so breathable. Even with extreme effort, I find the jersey wicks away moisture, and when starting a long and cool descent after a hot and sweaty climb, it keeps you perfectly warm. The wind blocking of the stratagonUltra fabric really is that good. As is often the case, I used the jersey outside of its recommended temperature range, and I found the jersey did well at either end of the spectrum. My biggest concern was being too hot if I misjudged how warm the weather would turn, but my fears were allayed. The jersey never felt too hot even when getting into the low 70s. The iJ.intermediate_s7 is a jersey for many conditions, and I believe it should be an integral part of the serious cyclist’s wardrobe. It will help to knock the chills off the morning rides many of us find so enjoyable.