The jersey I am wearing in the above photo is the Assos iJ.suisseOlympiakos_s7. Don’t let the name fool you. Assos has a language of their own, but simply put, the piece is a long sleeve jersey meant for cooler days. Some might call it a jacket, but in keeping with the Assos lexicon, it is an intermediate piece, best worn over an Assos base layer. The temperature range calls for it to be worn in the 45 to 60 fahrenheit range. I find that for the LA winters, this is really the perfect piece. The construction is by no means simple. It consists of seventeen patterns and six different textiles. The windproof stratagonUltra airBlock fabric at the front and the ASSOS Type.v X121 summer textile for the side and rear panels combine to regulate your body temperature and provide a breathable and extremely comfortable jersey. When put on, it feels as if it was hand tailored for your body, and gives the impression of wearing a second protective skin. High praise? Perhaps, but I have to say that it has become a favorite piece, and I find myself longing for cooler days to be able to wear it. There are murmurings from the disbelievers that Assos jerseys are patterned for the racer, but I believe the iJ.suisseOlympiakos_s7 goes a long way to dispelling that notion. It is an extremely well designed piece that will keep all cyclists happy on the bike for hours on end. And, isn’t that what it’s all about, staying happy while riding?

Some keen observers might question the bike in the photo. This is a Simpson Velorig VR 1. A review will be forthcoming, but in the meantime, check out the website. Beautiful design, and a really fun bicycle.