My latest cycling obsession comes in the form of the Assos NS.skinFoil_hotsummer base layer. I’ve had this base layer for over two months now, and I find it difficult to contemplate a ride without it. The new skinFoil product line replaces the previous interactive series. There are seven models ranging from spring (1) to winter plus (7). The hot summer model is number 3 in the range, and as its name suggests, it is truly designed for summer temperatures. This is a sleeveless base layer meant to be worn next to the skin, under the straps of bib shorts. It is made from a polypropylene fiber blend that is incredibly light and efficient in its ability to absorb, and evaporate moisture quickly and efficiently. It uses seamless and tubular construction with different thicknesses for different parts of the torso. There is slight compression in all the right places, providing additional support on my bike ride. The fabric is comfortable against the skin, antistatic, antibacterial, and has been dermatologically tested and approved. The Assos skinFoil has the added effect of making me feel like a better rider. Whether this is true or not, I will not ride without it. This is the best base layer I have ever worn, and I would feel naked without it.