Assos-SummerGloves-2I’ve been using the Assos summerGloves_s7 exclusively for about 6 months. In that time, I’ve come to love the simplicity of the design, the well placed pads that dampen vibration, and the mesh topside for its breathability. They are simple and work flawlessly, which should come as no surprise given Assos’s track record. The gloves are a product refined to the point of perfection. The surprise, for me, is the longevity of the gloves. As I said, they have been worn on every ride I’ve gone on since March, and they still look new, almost as fresh as the day I first put them on. I find this incredible, as gloves probably take more abuse than almost any other item of clothing used on the bike. In the past, I’ve gone through gloves as if they were disposable. This is not the case with the Assos summerGloves_s7. They have held up perfectly, and couldn’t be more comfortable or functional. Not much more needs to be said except that for the next pair of gloves you need, you should consider the Assos summerGloves_s7.