The temperatures are cooling in LA. The mornings have a crispness we haven’t felt since April. It is not super cold, just a bit chilly. This presents a problem when going on a long ride with climbing. I leave the house wearing a base layer and jersey, feeling perfectly comfortable. Then I get to the climb, and I start sweating from the effort. All is still good, and the climb comes to an exhausting end. Now I am covered in sweat, and there is a long descent to follow. This is where the problem arises. I freeze on these types of descents. The sweat mixed with the wind conspires to chill me to the bone. This is where the Assos sV.blitzFeder vest comes into play. The vest is an incredibly lightweight sleeveless shell that stuffs into its own built in sack. When compressed, the shell easily fits in any of your jersey pockets. It is so lightweight and discreet, you will hardly notice its presence. I pull it out at the summit of a climb, and put it on for the descent. Flying down Mulholland Highway at full speed, the blitzFeder creates a perfect barrier between your core and the wind. I do not feel any chill whatsoever on the entire descent. The shell works. There are others that accomplish this same feat, but the fit of the Assos blitzFeder is what sets it apart. The shell is so well designed and tailored, that it does not rustle in the wind at all. As I said, full speed down the mountain, and nary a noise. The blitzFeder shell is the perfect item to carry in your jersey pocket for the cooling temperatures, and it will be with me for all my rides until we greet summer next year.