Assos is the standard bearer in the cycling apparel business. Their reputation is that of a no compromise company, designing and manufacturing the finest cycling clothing available. The advertising is particular and the prices are high, making it a difficult task to review their product objectively. Speaking with members of the cycling community about Assos, I am regularly asked if the high prices are justifiable. Well, yes, in terms of bibs, they absolutely are. The Assos T FI.13_S5 is quite possibly the best investment a serious cyclist can and should make. These bibs are the top of the line offering from Assos, and retail for approximately $370.00. Expensive, yes. Worth the money, absolutely. These are the most comfortable bibs I’ve worn. The construction of these shorts is an incredibly complex 6 panel race cut, comprising several different fabrics. Assos’s designed A430 is used for the side panels, A431 for the inner thighs, and a high elastic fabric for the front panel. A carbon mesh is used between the straps at the back of the shorts to reduce static between the jersey and bibs. The FI.13 chamois is a two piece pad system designed to alleviate pressure on the genital area. The pads are stitched separately and are dimpled for heat dissipation. The chamois is amazing and works really, really well. The shorts are available in black and white, with a size range of small through TIR. The design of these bibs is incredibly high caliber and the end result is extreme comfort on the bike. I do believe the price of admission is warranted, though be forewarned that once the Assos T FI.13_S5 are tried, it will be very difficult to go back to the other bibs in the closet. They are that good.