Winter is about to officially arrive, and the temperatures have dropped accordingly. My ride two weeks ago took place in temperatures ranging from 42° F to 48° F. For us Angelenos, that is cold, and it necessitated bringing out the cold weather cycling gear. Keeping the knees warm is key in these temperatures, so I chose to ride in the Assos tk.607_s5 Bib Knickers. These knickers are designed for spring, fall, and early winter riding. They are made with ASSOS RXQ insulator fabric which uses a 3D air channel structure. This open structure creates a micro air cushion between the skin and the fabric. RXQ is a low-density, low-volume fabric, and its breathability keeps your core dry and your temperature regulated. In addition, windproof stratagonUltra material is used on the stomach and inner thigh areas to keep you warm. There is a lot of technical know how behind these materials, but suffice to say, the engineering of these bib knickers has created another signature Assos product that works extremely well. In 30 miles of cold temperatures with intense periods of sweating on climbs followed by cold descents, the tk.607 performed perfectly. The pad is extremely comfortable, the compression just right, and the overall race cut a perfect fit. The temperature regulation was perfect and I never felt too hot or cold. For some, the Assos language is a bit too technical, but I am here to tell you it all adds up to extremely well designed products. This past weekend I rode with someone who asked if Assos shorts were that much better than the competitors, and my definitive answer was and is, absolutely yes. For the best in shorts, Assos has the market cornered. And, with the new s7 range debuting, Assos intends to stay at the top of the game.