Bell has reemerged as a top of the line helmet maker with the release of the Zephyr MIPS. It has been some time since Bell released a new helmet, so the stakes were definitely high. To compete with the best from the other companies, MIPS was essential to the design. For the uninitiated, MIPS is short for Multi-directional Impact Protection System. In short, MIPS technology helps to reduce rotational forces that can result from certain impacts. The technology was developed by Swedish neurosurgeon Hans von Holst, and it is being adopted by most helmet manufacturers. Bell used this technology to provide a safe and stable platform, and then added 18 vents to provide maximum cooling. The helmet was designed to feel light and comfortable, and Bell has succeeded, producing a form fitting, stable and light helmet that does quite well in warm temperatures due to the incredible venting. Another feature worth mentioning is the sweat management system. Bell has devised a way to funnel sweat from your brow onto one central pad that then disperses the beads of sweat without impacting your eyes. Living in SoCal, sweaty eyes are almost a fact of life given the glorious sunny climbs around Los Angeles. Typically I rely on my gloves to wipe away sweat, and as you can imagine, the eyes get stingy rather quickly, and once that happens, it is a matter of just trying to finish the ride. The Zephyr helmet is a star at solving this issue – the pad absolutely works. The Zephyr is offered in seven colors, and is available directly from Bell’s site for $230.00. My medium weighs in at 289 grams, quite a respectable weight for a MIPS equipped helmet. I chose the matte white to counter the effects of the Southern California sun, but the other colors are quite appealing as well. Sizing is true, and a medium fits my rather large head quite well. The Bell Zephyr is a real contender for the title of best available road cycling helmet.