I first became aware of Bialetti espresso makers on a trip to Europe in the 80s. I happily purchased my first Bialetti, and then lovingly transported it home, where it served me well for many years. Then, with income from a new-found job, I graduated to powered espresso machines, and set Bialetti aside for some time. This was a mistake. Recently, I was in the position to try a Bialetti Musa for a camping trip, and was reminded of how good these machines are for creating the perfect espresso. At the campsite, the machine kept us happily caffeinated. Each use brewed a barista-worthy espresso, so good, that I’ve found myself using the machine back at home. It’s a very simple brewing process, and the machine can withstand plenty of abuse. It can be thrown into a backpack, used on a campfire, and then slip easily into daily life in the kitchen. Bialetti offers a product that hasn’t changed much over the years, and there is a reason for that. The machine has been perfected, and when something is perfect, there is no need to try and make changes.