Having in-laws in Switzerland has its advantages. Having in-laws who live just a quick 45 minute drive to BMC headquarters in Grenchen is icing on the cake. The day after I arrived in Switzerland, I drove straight over to BMC to tour the new showroom, and to pick up the new Team Machine SLR01 equipped with Shimano Dura Ace. The showroom is stunning, with an example of every bike in the BMC line on view. The Team Machine, as I learned over my four weeks riding it, is an amazing bicycle. To start, BMC brought the weight down of the new model to a paltry 790 grams (size 56cm), putting it in the top five list of lightest frames available. As built with the Dura Ace gruppo and wheels, the total bike weighs 14.15 lbs. For those inclined, with a change in some basic components, this could easily be a sub 14 lb. bike. Weight aside, the most significant aspect of the Team Machine is the process with which it was designed. BMC employed ACE Technology, short for Accelerated Composites Evolution. This is a computer modeling program that allowed BMC to study 34,000 possible frame configurations to optimize the geometric structure, tube cross-sections, and carbon lay-up. This is a first in the industry, and the result of using the ACE Technology is the SLR01. Getting on a new bike is usually a bit of a mixed blessing. Oftentimes, I need to spend a lot of time adjusting everything so that the fit is just right. In this case, I sent my bike fit from Stephen at Bike Effect (a future post) to BMC in advance. When I arrived at BMC, the bike was completely dialed in. I admit I changed the saddle, as I now travel with pedals and saddle, but everything else stayed put. The bike fit, and it fit perfectly. The next day I did my favorite local turn up to Chasseral. This is a great ride for testing a bike, as there is serious climbing, and seriously fast descending. Climbing was a dream, and the bike pedaled effortlessly up to the summit. The power from my legs was directly transferred to the road. The descent was what I looked forward to after such a climb, and I was not disappointed. The SLR01 simply flew down the road with absolute confidence. I hit speeds that I’ve never achieved on any other bike thus far, and felt quite in control the entire time. This is an incredibly stable platform to conquer any type of riding you wish to do. It is no wonder this bike is winning races the world over. I am fond of BMC, and the Team Machine SLR01 did not disappoint me in any way. This is a top notch bike that owns its place in the BMC lineup.