As I reach middle age, I continue to discover new things, the latest being that I have wide feet. This was made clear to me when I had a bike fitting with Steve Carre at Bike Effect. All that was needed was a wide shoe, and I have been riding wide-sized since then. It wasn’t really a major revelation, but it did do a lot to alleviate pain in my feet while cycling. When I first spied the Bont Vaypor+, I noticed the wider than usual toe box, and decided to give the regular width a try. My feet are on the margins of a wide measurement, so my thinking was that the regular would be fine, and I was right. The Bont fits like a glove that happens to be a shoe. From the moment I first put them on to the first long distance ride, the shoe provided stellar comfort. So, right off the bat, I had a very favorable impression. I have now been using the shoes for several months, and I admit this pair has become a favorite. It is a top of the line offering from Bont, so the feature spec is quite impressive. The sole is made of uni-directional carbon fiber, providing one of the stiffest soles I have encountered in a cycling shoe. For the uninitiated, this means your pedaling effort is transferred directly to the bicycle, resulting in little to no loss of power. The shoe uses the BOA IP1 closure system – two adjustable knobs that cinch cords to tighten the shoe. The BOA system is widely used, but there are different levels available, and this particular model allows for tightening and loosening on the fly, an incredibly useful feature. I find that as the body warms up, your feet expand, necessitating a little loosening. With these shoes, that is easily done while riding. The BOA also makes it quite easy to remove the shoes. Pull up on the two knobs, and the shoes slide right off. The upper of the shoe is made from kangaroo leather, and the inner is made from cowhide. Between these two layers, Bont uses a material similar to Kevlar. This material proprietary to Bont, prevents the shoes from stretching over time. My pair has borne that out to be true, with well over a thousand miles ridden in them and no visible stretching. Ventilation is also well thought out on the Vapor+, with airflow directed into the shoe via vents in the front bumper, and a perforated upper and tongue. Southern California riding is a good test for riding in heat, and these shoes are excellent at keeping you comfortable in extreme temperatures. The features of the Vaypor+ shoes are covered in detail on their site, and it is worth having a look at all Bont has put into the shoe. But, one thing not really covered on the site is aesthetics. The Vapor+ is a really good looking shoe. There are six colorways, and I admit to being at a loss when trying to choose just one. They all look great, and I enjoy the admiration and questions I get from other cyclists while on the road. The Bont Vaypor+ is a standout, and most definitely worth the price.