The Brompton you see above has been in my possession for about a month now. In that time, I have come to love this bicycle. The reasons are simple. For a commuter like me, this is one of the easiest bicycles to integrate into my daily schedule. Offsite meetings are a breeze, especially when a co-worker drives and I’m able to fold the Brompton up and easily store the bicycle in the trunk of the car. When the meeting is finished, I just reassemble the bike and go on my way. This has come in so handy, I’m not sure I know what I will do once the bike is returned. The Brompton has become an essential part of my daily routine. In terms of ride, this is an incredibly fun bicycle. The version I have is the two speed, and the gearing is designed for whatever the city throws your way. It has a huge front chain ring that was thoughtfully selected to achieve the perfect gearing with the two speed derailleur. Another excellent feature is the mild rear suspension setup. There is a rubber bushing that absorbs the shock, and it works incredibly well. The streets of Los Angeles are in terrible condition as anyone living here will attest to, and the Brompton handles them with grace. There is the choice of the standard bushing as well as a firmer set-up for those preferring the feel of a sports car. The brake levers, shifter, and bell are well placed on the comfortable handlebars, with ergonomics perfectly thought out. There are built in fenders and bag attachments, making this an ideal bike to outfit for life in the city. The Brompton logos on the inside of the brake levers are just one example of the Brompton designers’ remarkable attention to detail. They have created a riding experience that is well worth the $1219.00 entry price. On the website there is a bike builder option to design the bike exactly as you like. It’s a great deal of fun experimenting with the different options and colors, making the path to owning a Brompton an exciting journey.