The Budnitz Model No. 3F (Special Edition) was delivered to me a couple of weeks ago, and the moment I set eyes on it, I smiled. This seems to be the reaction the bike elicits. Everywhere I go, people smile, ask questions, and are generally smitten with the Budnitz. There is something special about this bike, but it’s hard to put my finger on it. Maybe it’s the clean and beautiful design, or its simplicity, or perhaps it’s the incredibly beautiful components. The giant Schwalbe Super Moto tires also might be part of the equation, as they truly are gigantic. All these attributes combine to make this bike one of the most fun rides I’ve had in many years. It is impossible not to smile while riding the No. 3F. The bike is meant to tackle anything urban life throws its way, and I found myself aiming for obstacles just to feel the bike smooth out the ride. The frame is just right, and the fork has just enough flex to simulate suspension. The brakes are solid, and the brake levers by Paul Components feel incredibly good in your hands. Pretty much all the components with the exception of the aforementioned levers and brakes are branded Budnitz, and they are top quality. Most of the parts are handmade, and suffice to say they are top shelf, and work exactly as they should. All the specs are listed quite neatly on the Budnitz site, as are the different combinations available for each model. All the bicycles come standard with the Gates GTX Center-Track belt system. This replaces a standard chain, and guarantees you will never have to deal with dirty pants. If I were to choose my dream Budnitz, I think I would go for the standard No. 3 with a Rohloff 14 speed rear hub. This would definitely be the ultimate city bike, albeit one you might not want to leave locked up in front of the grocery store. The Budnitz bike range varies in price from $2600.00 to over $6000.00 if you add on every bell and whistle. They are not inexpensive, but those looking to own one of the most beautiful and smile-inducing bicycles ever made should head over to the Budnitz site, and start configuring their ultimate city bike. Included in the purchase is a theft replacement policy, giving you 20% off a replacement bike, which should cover the deductible on your renters insurance policy. The bicycles are shipped to you almost entirely assembled in one of the cooler looking bicycle boxes I’ve ever seen. The only assembly needed is to install the front wheel, and attach the handlebars. It couldn’t be simpler to get the bike on the road. But, if you aren’t comfortable with performing the minor assembly yourself, Budnitz will refund the price to have it done at your local shop. If not already apparent, I really love this bicycle. I would happily ride it every day to work and beyond. The smiles from observers, and more importantly, the smile on my own face, are worth every penny the Budnitz Model No. 3F commands.