Café du Cycliste is on the French Riviera, and originally was conceived as a cycling community cafe. The cafe then quickly turned its attention to producing a line of alternative cycling clothing. Two lines were developed, one for on the bike, and another for the urban cyclist. The Sur le Bitume line covers performance cycling wear, and the Sur le Zinc line is all about urban biking wear. Both lines are quite robust in their offerings, and new product is released often. There is also a women’s collection consisting of seven pieces. The Simone Jersey, pictured above, landed on my doorstep, so I’ve had the chance to see a Café du Cycliste piece in person. The quality is top notch, the fit slim and neat, and the design makes for a garment that stands out in the crowd. Small details such as the back pocket with leather closure strap, and the two tone chest pocket set this item apart. This kind of detailing appears throughout both lines. There are stripes and solids, zippers and buttons, all designed to make a stand out product. I enjoy wearing the Simone Jersey, and hope Café du Cycliste gets a solid foothold here in the US. All their offerings are available directly from their website for those wanting to make the leap.