The Castelli Leggero is a lightweight jacket that is windproof and water resistant. It is made from Forcefield fabric that weighs 35 grams per square meter. This makes the Leggero one of the lightest jackets on the market. It comes with a stuff sack that is the size of a very small pancake, making this jacket the perfect accessory to bring along when you are unsure of the weather. On one such ride in Switzerland, the weather was incredibly warm at the start, but turned nasty a couple of hours into the ride. I reached into my jersey pocket looking for the jacket, but had to take a minute to find it. If not for the slight bump in the jersey, I wouldn’t have even noticed it. It really weighs very little, but definitely makes a big impact on cold descents. I put it on, and suddenly the ride was a whole lot warmer. I think an item like this can be a true life saver in rough situations, and I appreciate how easy it is to carry unnoticed. Castelli is looking out for us.