Mixino2As most who know me have come to realize, I am a huge fan of Catlike helmets. I had the opportunity to use one from Europe before they became available in the States. I think aesthetically, they are one of the most interesting designs on the market. I always marvel at how recognizable the Catlike Whisper is in the pro peloton. Most of the helmets are interchangeable when looked at from afar, but the Catlike’s good looks make it stand out from the crowd. Comfort is the other reason I haven’t strayed far from Catlike. Many previous helmets have left an indent on my forehead after several hours of use, but the Catlike’s shape seems to fit my head perfectly. When I first heard of the Mixino, I really wasn’t sure what could be improved on the previous model, and worried it was being changed for the sake of change. It turns out my concerns were unfounded. The Mixino is a tremendous upgrade over the Whisper. It is significantly lighter, almost 20 grams on average, than the Whisper. This may strike many as a minute improvement, but when riding for several hours, the lighter the helmet, the more comfortable it is. There are 39 air intakes on the Mixino, similar to the Whisper. The difference is in the positioning. The placement of the vents makes it possible to see through the helmet when looking at it head on. This ultimately translates to better airflow around your head keeping hot temperatures at bay. The adjustment of the helmet is the other big upgrade. There is a micro dial adjustment at the back that is super easy to set. In addition, the two rear supports are individually adjustable. There is also vertical adjustment, and different thickness pads can be used inside the helmet. The Mixino should be able to adjust to almost anyone’s head and be comfortable. There are 8 different color combinations to choose from including my favorite, the matte black. The Catlike Mixino is available directly from Competitive Cyclist as well as your fine local bike shop.