The Cervo Rosso Strada Doppio 2.0 is a truly amazing piece of clothing. First, the jacket is completely waterproof and windproof, made from a micro polyester. Second, the jacket turns into a vest with one single zipper. I’ve been trying to wrap my head around an explanation for how this works, but am at a loss. Suffice it to say, one zipper, and one single movement with that zipper, and you have a vest. It’s a really neat trick, and incredibly useful for changing conditions. Once you unzip the sleeves, there is a handy pocket at the back of the vest for storage. I find this jacket to be really useful, especially for early morning rides that start cool, but warm up as the sun begins to heat things. It’s also great for long warmer climbs as a vest, with the option of reattaching the sleeves for the cooler descent. I used the jacket for a long ride in Switzerland and came away impressed. It performed as advertised, and the fit was exceptional. There was no flapping of material on the descent, a sure way of telling the design is well executed. Cervo Rosso has done an excellent job with the Strada Doppio, and I recommend it to those looking for a two in one solution for fighting rain and wind.