My pair of Chrome Storm 415 shoes arrived the day before my Southwest road trip, so they came along for the ride. Out of the box, the shoes were incredibly comfortable, providing a really stable footbed for all sorts of adventures. As evidenced from the photo above, I took them hiking through the sand and stone of Monument Valley. I was really impressed at how well they fared over these rugged conditions. The shoe is advertised as a work boot, but performed really well on all the hiking we did on this trip. The grip of the soles on the smooth stone of Zion National Park was astounding. Also, the shoes are waterproof, keeping even the most severe rain from soaking your socks. I was lucky enough to try these on a great trip, but now, back at work, I find they are definitely built to hold up to any workload. Standing for long periods of time is no problem at all. The quality of the build is top notch, and I foresee these shoes lasting a long time. On a side note, Chrome has an updated website with a clean and simple design that is worth checking out.