I’ve been in Switzerland a little over a week and a half. In that time, I’ve managed to see my friends at UGD several times. They are distributers for Campagnolo, Look, Catlike, Corima, as well as many other marques. Going to their warehouse is my form of going to the candy store. I literally could spend a full day just combing though everything, but I’m sure that would make them a bit uncomfortable. The new Look 695 was hanging from a hook in a corner. It was the all black model, which I believe is the extra stiff frame. Very beautiful bicycle. I’m hoping to be able to ride one in the next few days. One other thing that caught my eye was the wheelset you see pictured above. It is from Corima, and it is incredible. I am basing this opinion on sight alone, as I have no idea how they are on the road, but they are beautiful. Tomorrow I’ll go back and pick up a loaner bicycle. Im looking forward to riding up to Chasseral, assuming I can still ride a bicycle.