Dahon, a premier manufacturer of folding bikes, is looking for Explorers who will upload their adventures in real time via Twitter. In order to become an Explorer, four simple questions need to be answered and submitted by the August 20th deadline. They are as follows.

Cyclists are encouraged to submit a brief description of why they would be a perfect brand ambassador for DAHON and how their stories could inspire others to incorporate bikes into their lifestyle.
•What makes the commute to work exciting?
•Where will your DAHON bike take you?
•How will a folding bike change the way you live, experience the environment on a deeper level and move around without constraints?

Those chosen will be equipped with a bicycle and all accessories needed to commute to work. I love the idea of getting more people on bikes for their commute to work, and I hope Dahon is successful in enlisting new commuters. For those interested in applying, contact Dahon directly via explorers@dahon.com.