Today is post Thanksgiving, and a thanks is in order to Fizik for sending me the R1 shoes to review. These are their flagship shoes, and I’ve been using them for several months now. I had been lusting after this specific shoe based on the elegant and simple design. Too many products in the cycling world scream out with colors and logos and over wrought design. The R1 shoes are the antithesis of this. They are subtle and designed for function. The shoe is made from kangaroo leather and nylon mesh that is melded to a carbon outsole. The previous version had more kangaroo leather, but this updated version went for more nylon mesh to achieve a lighter weight and provide better breathability. The weight of a size 43 shoe is 239 grams, bringing it within the fighting weights of the other top market shoes. The closure is a carbon fiber buckle with two sail cloth velcro straps. The buckle has a double click adjustment allowing for precise fit. The sail cloth straps, changed from white to black for this updated version, are simple affairs, and have a solid piece at the end to make for a solid finger hold when tightening. The insoles use Sidas Technology from France, and are heat moldable for full customization. The tongue pad is removable, and the heel cup is shaped to further control slippage. The fit of these shoes is perfect. These would work well for anyone with a medium width foot. I have ridden long and hard in these shoes, and have had no issues whatsoever with numbness or pain. The R1’s allow me to do exactly what I want to do, ride for miles in perfect comfort. Once I’ve put the shoes on at the beginning of a ride, I needn’t think about them until I am through with the adventure. The sizing is accurate, so no need to makes guesses when ordering these shoes. For cyclists not wanting branding to be the source of design inspiration, or for cyclists wanting complete comfort and retention in a beautiful package, the Fizik R1 is the obvious choice.