The Giro Air Attack is a strange helmet. I realize this is an odd statement to preface a review, but the Air Attack is decidedly different from the top offerings of the other players in this game. Upon first glance, the helmet looks as if designed for the city rider, or maybe even a skater. This isn’t to say it is unattractive, just not the norm for a top end road helmet. However, once you get to know the Air Attack, it starts to look quite sharp when stacked up against the competition. It was created with aerodynamics in mind, and the design follows the function. Looks aside, the real question I had was whether the ventilation was adequate. There are a total of six vents on this helmet, two at the front, two on top, and two at the back. They are not tremendously big, which is why the question of ventilation came up. I’ve now used the helmet for commuting, as well as one or two road rides, and the Air Attack surprised me. My head stayed perfectly cool and comfortable. There is quite a bit of technology that works behind the scenes to achieve this, and the final outcome is excellent airflow. The helmet works so well that it is used by the pros at Garmin Barracuda. The Air Attack is easy to set up, and uses the Roc Loc Air fit system. The small wheel at the back is all that needs to be adjusted for a perfect fit. The medium I have weighs 288 grams and accommodates anyone within the 55-59cm range. It is available in four color combinations that work well for those who are smitten with either black or white. The Air Attack was designed to be the most aerodynamic helmet available while keeping the weight to a minimum and providing excellent ventilation. Giro succeeded on all fronts.