Last year our spring break vacation took us on a tour of the southwest. This year we decided to stick to California, and go up as far as Eureka. We’d never been north of Fort Bragg, so the decision was made to explore further afield. One highlight of this route is the Avenue of the Giants. This park is one of the most beautiful places I’ve seen – giant redwoods and streams, beautiful campgrounds, and more than one tree to drive through.

On the way up Highway 1, we came across several bicyclists touring up and down the coast. At the Manchester State beach campground, we met a couple who started their journey in San Diego, and are on their way to Seattle. It definitely strikes me as a romantic journey, albeit a difficult one.

We are headed back south now, probably camping somewhere in Calistoga, and then back down to Big Sur. I’m hoping to get a good ride in from Big Sur south to Nacimiento Road. I’ve always wanted to ride up the only east west road out of the central coast and into the Salinas Valley.

Oh, and seeing how this post was meant to be a write-up on Sea Otter, I suppose I should mention the event was excellent. It’s been some time since I last attended, and it has grown in those years. It’s basically a giant bicycle race for every discipline, mixed with a vendor area similar in style to Interbike. I was there for a day, saw some amazing products and racing, met up with some great people, and then continued on the spring break trip. I’ll report back soon in more detail on some of the new products I spied.

For now, Happy Easter, and Happy Blood Red Moon.