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Once in a great while, a product comes my way that demands immediate attention. One such item is this pair of Gripp Tour SF 2.0 cycling gloves from Hirzl. The cycling glove is an often overlooked accessory that merits more attention. Miserable gloves with poor grip or sweat management can make a ride a lot less enjoyable, and even perhaps a bit dangerous. Hirzl has tackled both these issues with the Gripp. The glove is made from kangaroo leather that goes through an elaborate tanning process which guarantees amazing grip in both dry and wet conditions. Yesterday’s ride in 90 degree plus weather was a good test, as the sweat was pouring fast and furious. The gloves handled the conditions perfectly. One added bonus is the micro fleece thumb wipe. For me, riding in the heat of LA, the thumb wipe is one of the most important features – it can make or break a ride for me, as sweat in my eyes can be a disaster. Some gloves irritate my eyes as I continuously wipe the sweat away, but yesterday confirmed the quality of the Hirzl glove, as there were no issues with abrasion. A breathable membrane on the back of the glove helps keep your hands cool, and the light gel padding system on the palm helps to lesson road vibration. To remove the gloves, there are pull tabs on the ring and middle fingers, making removal a breeze. Hirzl is a company from Switzerland, and they only make gloves for cycling and golf. The product line is simple and straightforward, and their singular goal – making the best gloves in the world – is evident in the Gripp. For those residing in the US, the gloves are available directly from Zeitbike.


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