Here at Velospeak, there is loyalty to certain brands I hold in high regard. Due to this loyalty, there are oftentimes multiple reviews of products from one manufacturer. If it has been written about here once, then in all likelihood, there will be more from the same company. The reason for this preface is to introduce ic! berlin, and give fair warning that I think this company will be featured often here at Velospeak. ic! berlin makes glasses, mostly out of metal, but also in plastic. There are prescription glasses as well as sunglasses. The company is based in Berlin, and their product is made there as well. The unique feature of ic! berlin glasses is the hinge. There is no pin or screw holding the arm in place, just an innovative design that allows the connection to be made without additional parts. This means there is no need for tightening the screw or pushing the pin back into place. It is quite ingenious, and operates perfectly. The glasses I’ve had the opportunity to try are the M0164 der wegweiser. They are very light, tipping the scale at 20 grams. The frame is 128mm, which is well suited for most people. It is a simple and clean design, and when combined with the light weight, these glasses are easy to wear all day long. I imagine the only reason for another pair of ic! berlins would be for a change of style, as I think this pair will last a very long time. Also, ic! berlin has an interesting website and blog. I hope to check out the company on a future trip to Berlin.