The Icebreaker Legend Long Sleeve Zip is an amazingly well designed and comfortable piece. It is made from 320 heavyweight merino wool, and is designed to be used by the city dweller and the skier alike. For milder temperatures, this is a perfect stand alone piece, but where the Legend really shines is as a mid layer under a hard shell for the ultimate in warmth. It is cut generously and allows for freedom of movement on the bike or off. It has insulating quilting on the front and back panels, as well as hand warmer pockets. I plan on using this on my upcoming ski trip, and with temperatures falling well below zero, I imagine the Legend will be worn consistently. Icebreaker quality is top notch, and I am fond of being able to track where the wool comes from via the “Baacode”, down to the specific sheep farm. A novelty perhaps, but fun nonetheless. I seem to be compiling an unofficial holiday list, and Icebreaker would be in the top ten best gifts.