Singing the praises of Icebreaker is something I do often. The company makes some of the finest merino wool clothing out there. Every piece I’ve been fortunate enough to try has exceeded expectations. The jackets are incredible, the base layers perfect, and now I can add a button up long sleeve shirt to the list. The Lodge Shirt is a 100% woven merino wool piece billed as a travel shirt. It seems ideal for travel, as the merino wool is a natural regulator of body temperature, and it has the added benefit of being naturally odor resistant. When navigating airports and train stations, this is a must for keeping fresh and tidy. The feel of the lightweight 200 merino wool against the skin is about as comfortable as you’ll ever encounter. This is an all day piece perfect as a first layer. The construction is simple and straightforward with two chest pockets that have button closures. The cut is relaxed, yet slim enough to be considered for a more formal setting. It is available in three different colors, all vibrant and rich. The Lodge Shirt is an exceptional piece, and easily fits within the Icebreaker mold of designing the finest merino clothing available.