K-EdgeK-Edge Saddle
The GoPro HERO3 is an amazing camera. It is compact and very simple in design, and the video is phenomenal. The downside to the camera are the mounts that come with it, as well as the optional mounts. They are a bit clunky, and more importantly, they tend to loosen, allowing the camera to move from the intended location. On a bicycle, this is a huge problem. Each and every bump I hit, the camera would move to the right or left, and up and down. This is definitely not a foolproof system. It occurred to me to do a little research for an aftermarket mount, and after a short Google search, I made the rather obvious discovery that K-Edge, the company known for chain catchers and Garmin mounts, has the GoBig line of mounts for the GoPro. I have the Go Big Pro handlebar mount as well as the Go Big Pro saddle rail mount. The mounts are made from CNC Machined 6061 T6 Aluminum. The handlebar mount weighs 46 grams and the saddle rail mount weighs 45 grams. These are absolutely beautiful accessories. They work as intended, and simplify the entire prospect of mounting the HERO3 to your bicycle. There has been no movement, despite jumping curbs and all around rough riding. They stay in place perfectly, and look good to boot. K-Edge manufactures the mounts in the US, and offer a lifetime warranty against material or manufacture defects. If filming your ride is a priority, the K-Edge mounts are a necessity.