Karmic Koben S

I don’t often post on bicycles I haven’t yet seen in person, but the Karmic Koben S electric bike promises to be an excellent bicycle, so I thought it worth mentioning. The Koben is an affordable and lightweight electric bicycle that should fulfill the needs of most commuters. It is a sub 40 lb bike, has a top speed of 28mph with pedal assist, and a range of approximately 40 miles. The design is sleek and simple, and also benefits from a mid-mounted motor for a balanced ride. Have a look at the Kickstarter campaign for more details. They are well on their way to being funded, with the first deliveries taking place in October. There are a few prototypes cruising around the Palo Alto area, and if one of them makes its way down to SoCal, I’ll be sure to report back with firsthand impressions.