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The beautiful shimmering gold chain you see on this Calfee is the X11SL Ti-Nitride coated chain from KMC. Every project bike I put together includes a chain from KMC, as I believe they are the best possible chains on the market. At 243 grams for the SL version, this chain is also one of the lightest. But light weight isn’t all these chains should be known for. They should be recognized for their consistent top of the line performance across whichever drivetrain you choose to run them on; they are equally at home on Shimano, SRAM and Campagnolo. The Double X Bridge shape on this series of chains provides smooth and fast shifting, a marked improvement over other chains. Despite their light weight, the chains from KMC are incredibly rigid and durable. I’ve managed to get far more miles out of a KMC chain than I’ve ever gotten from competitors’ chains. These chains provide endless miles of smooth and silky operation. Geeking out on the smaller bits of a bicycle is incredibly fun for me, but the chain really is one of the more important components on a bicycle, and KMC delivers the best possible performance and reliability available. Besides, who doesn’t like a little bling on their bicycle?


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