On my trip to NYC, I was concerned about locking up my bike while exploring the city. I got in touch with Kryptonite and was told about the New York Series of locks. This is a special series that insures your bike up to a certain value while locked up in NYC. None of their other locks offer this, so the New York series it had to be. When the locks arrived, I was blown away. Really, really solid locks. The girth on the mini is incredible, and the New York Legend chain is a sight to behold as well as something to be held. It weighs over 10 pounds, so as you might imagine, your bicycle would be quite safe. On my trip,  I brought the Fahgettaboudit and the New York U-Lock. I combined this with a Kryptonite cable lock. This combination was all I needed to instill confidence that my bike would still be there upon exiting the store, museum, or restaurant. I rode often at night, so the key with high intensity bulb was a welcome perk. This is an exceptional series of locks that would serve any and all cycles well.