The Christmas holiday isn’t over yet, but a lot has happened over the last week, and I wanted to report on it. First, despite yesterday’s 60 mile ride, I am nowhere near completing the Rapha Festive 500. According to Strava, I have only completed 27% of the goal. Other excellent activities took precedence, such as a camping trip to Joshua Tree, and a ski trip to Mammoth. If you factor in the ski runs and hikes, I’m sure I blew past the 500 kilometer goal, but alas, the Garmin wasn’t with me for those activities and I suspect the challenge is meant solely for cycling. Another reason for the bike sitting idle can be seen in the image above. The Lego Unimog was my Christmas present from Santa. Yes, I still gladly play with Legos, and this particular model was one I had been eyeing for several years. It was at the top of my list for Santa, and he obliged. I opened it Christmas morning, and I am here to report this is the most complicated Lego model I’ve ever built. Actually, today is the 30th, and the model is still awaiting completion. If all goes well, the hydraulics will be connected today, and the Unimog will be loading and unloading all sorts of objects around the house. Then, tomorrow, I will get back on the bike and do the last ride of 2013. It’s been a great year with the usual ups and downs, and this holiday season has been the perfect capper. Starting fresh on Wednesday with 2014, I look forward to bringing you more cycling news, adventures, reviews, and whatever else might be of interest. Happy New Year to everyone, and let cycling continue to be a means to happiness.