The Lezyne Carbon Cage SL takes a slightly different approach to cage design. It is meant to be side loaded, making for an easier time removing and installing your bottles. It also makes it possible to carry larger bottles on compact frames. I was worried that the design would mean ejected bottles on harsh bumps, but this is not the case. The cage is incredibly strong, and the incredibly shoddy roads of LA, with all their bumps and potholes, failed to dislodge the bottles on any occasion. They stay secure and snug in the carbon fiber cage. I’ve long thought the roads here might be the worst in the country, so this is a perfect testing ground for bottle cages. Another benefit of the Cage SL is it’s weight. At 34 grams, this cage competes for a place on any weight weenies bike. The Lezyne Carbon Cage SL is a well designed product that will work well over any terrain.