It’s hard to imagine living in a place where getting fresh, clean water is next to impossible, but it is unfortunately the norm for many around the world. Libra Coffee aims to help with that situation, and simultaneously provide fresh craft coffee to those traveling or camping with their Pourtables coffee packs. The concept is simple – a single cup brew that is placed over a mug. Add hot water, and you have a fresh cup of coffee. The coffee is delicious, and it is simple to make. The packs are easily carried in a backpack, briefcase or carry-on for coffee on the go. Now for the interesting bit: for every box of 10-pack Pourtables purchased, the company provides clean water for 2 people. This is done by way of providing water filters to the people in the coffee growing regions Libra Coffee works with. Each extra-strength water filter can provide clean drinking water for 100 people for up to 5 years. Also, if the Pourtables aren’t what you need, Libra Coffee offers coffee subscriptions for whole beans that will also provide water filters to those in need. One bag a month to a bag a week: the choice is yours. Sign me up.