Our Southwest tour has come to an end, and I am back in LA in front of the computer once more. The trip afforded me the opportunity to use some new products, and first up are Lifefactory bottles. These bottles are made of glass sheathed in a silicone sleeve. The glass bottles are made in Europe and the sleeves in the US, with final assembly in the US. We had a collection of four bottles in the van with us, and after two thousand miles of driving the roads of the Southwest, the bottles held up perfectly. Mind you, we did not treat these bottles well. They were thrown around the van, dropped out the side when opening the door, tossed amongst each other without much care, and rattled around on the hard floor of the van while driving rough unpaved roads. The bottles never gave any indication of breaking. They are tough, and can handle harsh treatment. The silicone sleeves completely protect them from the rigors of travel and camping. The Lifefactory bottles are a perfect travel companion, and are easily washed thanks to the wide opening. There are different caps available, and many colors to choose from. The bottles are available directly through Lifefactory’s website.