I am back from Interbike, and ready to start sharing a bit of what I saw. The show was incredibly fun, though a bit overwhelming. Being inside a convention center all day under fluorescent lighting can be a bit tough, especially when there are so many things to see. Over the weekend I started trying to decide what was most interesting at the show, and Look came to mind first. They had the 695 displayed in all its glory, including the Premium Collection. This collection consists of the Look 695 painted in the colors of the flags of different countries. The above photo is of the Italian edition. I could not get over how beautiful this frame and fork are. If forced to choose, this would be at the top of the list of a new bike purchase if money were no object. The construction of these frames is incredibly solid, with all the work being done by hand in France. I got the technical lowdown on this bike from a very friendly and knowledgable Look representative, but I must admit, I’d ride this bike just based on aesthetics. I love that blue. I’m sure it rides brilliantly as well, and I hope to be able to confirm that in the future.