Map of LA


Over the last few days we’ve hosted a stream of Swiss people who are using LA as a meeting spot before heading off for further adventures in places as far flung as Tahiti. As is often the case with visitors, they had many questions about our fair city. One question in particular struck me. I was asked what is the size of LA, not just the city, but LA County. I quickly headed to Wikipedia for an answer, and discovered that LA County covers approximately 4,083 square miles. To put that into perspective for our Swiss visitors, that is roughly one third the size of the entire country of Switzerland, or for a more localized comparison, LA County would swallow the states of Delaware and Rhode Island. This is big, really big, and that size figured into my thoughts during my ride this past Saturday. As I pedaled up to Mulholland and then out to Topanga and ultimately the beach, I marveled at the immensity of our city, and of the huge differences from one neighborhood to another. From the lush landscaping and beautiful homes of Hancock Park to the grit and grime of Hollywood, to the natural beauty of Mulholland, the city changes quickly mile to mile. Throw in the tremendous vistas, the incredible diversity of cultures, the odd combination of architecture, and you have a recipe for a city that will always keep you interested and eager to discover new spots previously unknown to you. That is probably the best attribute of all, the realization that no matter how long you live here, there will always be new discoveries. So, hop on your bike, start pedaling, and find a new adventure in the City of Angels.