There was a lot to see at the Sea Otter Classic, but one bike in particular stood out for me, the Masi Randonneur pictured above. This is an update of the current Randonneur, and it has some significant changes, the most notable of which is the wheel and tire size. The current model runs 700c wheels with 32mm tires. The new iteration will have 650b wheels with 47mm tires. To be sure, this will provide a huge level of comfort, and will also help with grip. The copper colored fenders may change and be color matched to the frame. Below you can see product manager Kellen LeBlanc’s personal build with the color matched fenders. I’d vote for this option. The new Randonneur is an incredibly appealing package, and when it arrives for sale in the fall, it will retail for approximately $1300.00. This will surely attract quite a few buyers. A bicycle this pretty, with all the function one would need for touring, will be hard to beat at this price.

The photos taken at Sea Otter are courtesy of Joey Cobbs.