This week Specialized announced the all new limited edition S-Works McLaren Tarmac. The estimated price tag is expected to be in the $20,000 range, and the edition will be limited to 250 bikes. Included in the purchase will be color coordinated S-Works shoes and a Prevail helmet. Unfortunately, none of the $20,000 will be applied to a deposit on the McLaren 650S GT3. The money is for the bike, the shoes and the helmet only. I’m expecting the bike will sell out, and most likely be displayed on the included stand in each of the 250 buyers’ homes. The construction of the frame and wheels is unique to this special edition, with weight savings being a primary benefit. The most interesting detail for me is the spy shot of the new eeCycleworks brake. The brakes also appear to have a custom treatment, but apparently they are an all new model we will all be seeing in the fall. It’s hard to imagine improvements on the current eeBrake, and I look forward to getting more details. For now, if the McLaren Tarmac is calling your name, it can be pre-ordered here.