Mission Workshop has come to be known for the excellent quality of their bags such as the ones seen above. What some may not know, is that they also make clothing that rivals the design and quality of the bags. As is the case with most of what they do, Mission Workshop produces a small, carefully selected range of apparel that is all top notch. I’ve been lucky enough to wear many of the pieces, and I can unequivocally say they are all exceptional. From the top of the line Remi hooded blazer to the more moderately priced items such as the District Henley, they are all welcome additions to any wardrobe. I found myself wearing the Remi blazer for a good part of spring and loved its utility and good looks. Now that the weather has warmed up, I seem to be living in the District Henley. It is  a well designed piece, and it pretty much can be worn with anything in your closet. It is made from merino wool, so it goes a long way between washes if need be. The District will be a staple on our upcoming cross country trip, as laundromats may be few and far between. It will join the VX/R8 Field Pack, another staple for the upcoming trip. Mission Workshop is a company to be watched. Production is in the United States and Canada, the quality is phenomenal, the release schedule of new products is well paced and deliberate, and the overall ethos is one to be admired. These are all products made to last a lifetime, an unusual approach in these days of disposable goods.