Mission Workshop has made it onto the pages of Velospeak often, and for good reason. Their design aesthetic is directly in line with mine, and the products that emerge from their San Francisco workshop are some of the best in the market. Their backpacks and messenger bags are indestructible and guaranteed for life. It may not be the wisest business move, since it means you never need to buy another, but it confirms MW’s commitment to durability and customer satisfaction. Their clothing is also designed to last, but I can’t resist the temptation of each new design, and I keep coming back for more.

One product that immediately drew me to their website is the Stack jacket you see pictured above. This is a jean jacket constructed from a four-way stretch denim fabric made by Schoeller of Switzerland. The silhouette of the jacket is slim, but very accommodating, partially due to the stretch in the fabric. This is not an item that needs to be broken in, as it is comfortable from day one. The denim has the properties of many of the Schoeller offerings: incredibly breathable, yet water-resistant. The Swiss company is a leader in developing new fabric technology, and Mission Workshop has wisely partnered with them on many different items.

The Stack is light enough to wear on mild days, but it’s also the ticket for colder, blustery days when layered with another MW piece, such as the excellent merino wool Steppe hoodie. It has become my go to piece for the strangely cool fall weather we are currently experiencing here in LA. Mission Workshop keeps hitting it out of the park with each and every addition to their clothing line. I look forward to seeing more.