The Nau Courier Wind Shirt is a remarkable piece of clothing. It is made from 100% recycled polyester, and is paper thin. It’s weight actually fools you into thinking it will not offer much protection, but this is wholeheartedly untrue. This shirt keeps you very warm when zipped up, and does a great job of keeping the wind at bay. On the flip side, it is a breathable fabric, so it also does well when the temperature rises. The cut is very trim and neat, with a zipper for closure, as well as a couple of snaps top and bottom. There is also a snap on the collar for keeping the wind from sneaking in. The cuffs are the signature Nau cut, coming to a bit of a point and with snaps. This shirt is very wearable on the bike. The four way stretch fabric does it’s job well, and doesn’t bind at all. The shirt’s clean look also makes it appropriate for work and for a night on the town. Nau has engineered a piece of clothing that works perfectly in all situations.